Boogie Nights at Resorts in Atlantic City

Wow. Finally a casino dance club in Atlantic City that caters to the 30+ crowd. It’s called Boogie Nights and it’s located inside Resorts. It is a total blast.

A Saturday Night Fever styled dancefloor, and an amazing sound, light and fog system. DJ Gabor Kiss could be one of the best DJ’s I have ever heard; nothing but OH WOW hits from the 70’s and 80’s.boogie-nights.jpg

A giant disco ball and nine foot tall Lucy Diamond! Take a spin with the sexy Roller Girl!

WARNING!  If you don’t have a vip card, Resorts often charges $20 to park and it’s the worst parking lot in AC. Instead, park in the Taj Mahal lot next door for 10 bucks, and walk up the boardwalk a bit. Believe it or not, Boogie Nights is easier to get to via the Taj parking lot! 

I took some video on the weekend of Feb 17.  Click above to see.

Click here to read the article about Boogie Nights, inside the Atlantic City Weekly newspaper.

MySpace page. for Boogie Nights.


2 responses to “Boogie Nights at Resorts in Atlantic City

  1. I like the way you are doing this blog…30 plus is a great tool …
    How can we use this to promo the OOT is some way? Let me know

    I can make up a section in the paper saying for the 30 plus crowd to check out this site. etc…

  2. Boggie Nights is the place for 30 plus crowds!!!! I stuble across this club doing research for my roommate. We want to try something new, but she did not want to drive up to Zachary’s in NYC. So, saw the Boggie Nights and thought,” I dont thin so”. Then word of moth started to spread from the Coastline to Aldelphia down the road. Try Boogie Nights. Now being from the 8th Floor crowd(wish that came back), this place is amazing. First off, stress free atomsphere, women do not have to fear of being a piece of meat (like at Micheal’s in Bensalm). The crowd I would say is 25 to 55. The music brings back the days of disco/freestyle. I would have to say this place is a wedding reception on steriods. One could stay on the dancefloor all night(thanks to DJ Gabor Kiss). The staff is incredible. The second time me and my roommate went there, the bouncer new who we were and want to how the trip from Philly was. The bar staff is fun (but no buybacks, sorry guys). The drinks are plenty and served with a machezmo smile. The dance floor comes right ou of Saturday Night Fever. One can see video via YouTube(Boogie Nights AC) and see how one an be transported backto a simplier era. Bee there 4 out 6 weeks now. Only open on Saturdays till ??? and during winter months one Friday only. DJ on Friday not as good as Gabor on Saturday, but one can only hopes. They are open every Friday during the summer. On Feburary 13,2009 the club is supposed to have a “singles” night out with fun and games. Ony one way to find out how this place will mean to you, expirence the warm feeling of yesteryear.
    Remember, Boogie Nights is located in the Resorts Hotel and Casino.

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