Michael’s in Bensalem Bounces Back


Michael’s Cafe in Bensalem, just outside of NE Philadelphia seems to have turned the corner.New DJ’s, stricter dress code, and a better atmosphere. Quite frankly, I was pleasantly surprised when I stopped in on Friday night (Nov. 23, 2007). It was nice to see people actually being turned away because they were wearing sneakers and hockey jerseys. I mean, come on. If you’re a 30+ adult looking to meet someone special, wouldn’t you want to ditch the Nike’s and the Eagles jersey for at least a few hours ?

Another thing I noticed was the music. Wow. NO RAP. There was a time over the past year or so, that the music was not so good; too much foul mouth lyrics and gangsta beats. How the heck am I gonna dance with a classy 40 something woman, when the tune playing keeps repeating “smack that ass out on the floor” or “b**w my whistle, bitch” ? Dj Joel Furness does a great job. Good mixing, good selection. Wouldn’t mind some a few extra Disco cuts though. Classic 70’s Disco has become a favorite for club owners, since it is popular with the 20 somethings, as well as those 30+.

DANCE FLOOR. This is the best and biggest dance floor anywhere in Philly. Pretty good sound system too. Plenty of space to people watch too.

Amazingly, there is no cover. But smoking is still allowed, much to my dismay. I usually avoid women that smoke. Don’t like the taste of ashtray. I wonder why suburban bars don’t ban smoking like their neighbors in NJ, Philly and NYC. The misplaced fear that a smoking ban will kill business has already been proven wrong. For those that just have to smoke, go outside for a bit. Believe me, clean fresh air, (with a hint of perfume) is quite wonderful when in a crowded nightclub or bar.

LOCATION. Doesn’t get any easier; just off of RTE 1 and the PA Turnpike. Free Parking.

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One response to “Michael’s in Bensalem Bounces Back

  1. I’m surprised you go to Michael’s, the Buck and the Freight House when you live in the city. There’s so many choices there but I think you mentioned you get tired of going out to them all the time. Are you 45?

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