New Jersey Shore 2008

Shore Club in Longport: Beautiful new bar and restaurant. Bob Pantano helps Mr. Lamberti with the nightlife portion of this classy destination. After the dinners are done, they move the tables for some great dancing. Age group is 35-60



Boogie Nights at Resorts in Atlantic City

Wow. Finally a casino dance club in Atlantic City that caters to the 30+ crowd. It’s called Boogie Nights and it’s located inside Resorts. It is a total blast.

A Saturday Night Fever styled dancefloor, and an amazing sound, light and fog system. DJ Gabor Kiss could be one of the best DJ’s I have ever heard; nothing but OH WOW hits from the 70’s and 80’s.boogie-nights.jpg

A giant disco ball and nine foot tall Lucy Diamond! Take a spin with the sexy Roller Girl!

WARNING!  If you don’t have a vip card, Resorts often charges $20 to park and it’s the worst parking lot in AC. Instead, park in the Taj Mahal lot next door for 10 bucks, and walk up the boardwalk a bit. Believe it or not, Boogie Nights is easier to get to via the Taj parking lot! 

I took some video on the weekend of Feb 17.  Click above to see.

Click here to read the article about Boogie Nights, inside the Atlantic City Weekly newspaper.

MySpace page. for Boogie Nights.

Valentine’s Day…. Mile of Meet in Manayunk.

[rockyou id=102593501&w=450&h=338]

Had a great time on Valentines day at the Manayunk Brewing Company. It was their annual singles event called “Mile of Meet”. Ben-fm was the sponsor Radio station. Watch the slide show above to see how men lined up on Main street with numbers around their neck, while women browsed, compared, and took notes.

Michael’s Bensalem, Smokin’ Good Time !

gasmaskadv1000.jpgOk. So I decided to go to Michael’s on Street Road in Bensalem last night. Why? Well first off, I knew it would packed. I like to mix with a large group; better chance to meet someone interesting right ? You increase your chances I am told.

As I entered, I was not disappointed….by the crowd and the music that is. Charlie Bennett and Dino play a strong mix of disco and current dance tunes that really works. There is no rap. Everybody is dancing on that huge floor.

So, what WAS I disappointed in? The amount of smoke in this place. It’s like a freekin’ nicotine gas chamber. It seemed like EVERYBODY had a butt in their mouth. On top of that, the ventilation was either not on, or it can’t handle that volume of puffers.

Ever since Philadelphia, Jersey, and New York banned smoking in public places, many have become more aware of when they walk into a suburban place (like Bensalem or Jenkintown) that foolishly still allows smoking.  The managers tell me 3 things: they are waiting for it to become law, their customers want to smoke, they don’t want to hurt business. Those are very lame excuses. kody-066.jpg                                                          

It’s a fact. The smoking ban HAS NOT hurt business in Philly, NJ or NY. For those that need to light up, step outside. Besides the fact that smoking makes you look bad and smell bad ….you are making me inhale YOUR smoke. Feel free to kill yourself, but keep me out of it.

While the health implications are obvious, I do tend to avoid women who smoke. Nothing more sad then finally seeing an attractive woman that I would like to approach, then seeing her place a burning stink stick into her once sweet tasting mouth.

Oh, and ladies….gum and mints don’t work. When we finally get to lean over and kiss you, the lingering taste of ashtray is still on your mouth. That could be a deal breaker.

To be sure, Michaels on Saturday night is really good for singles….. ages: 30’s-50’s. Lot’s of fun, excellent music, dancing. You may want to bring a gas mask tho.

Freight House, Doylestown. My Saturday Night Fever.

I’ve been to the Freighthouse in Doylestown a few times. Pretty good looking crowd. Yet because it’s hike, I often talk myself out of driving all the way up there from NE Philly. That 45 minute drive all the way up 611 can be tiresome.fever.jpg

Aggressive DUI checkpoints are another drawback of drivng too much in the suburbs. I gotta find a designated driver !

But I’ll admit, I consider it all the time. Especially on Saturday nights. I always check their website to see if I can be convinced by something I see on their site. No such luck. All I see is a lame description of what DJ will be there.

Hey FreightHouse ! Wanna know what would get my attention? A bunch of pics or video of people there, having fun. Specifically, I’d like to see what types of women are there. I would rather not be the OLD guy in a sea of 25 year olds. I’m only 45, but there’s no way I want to deal with someone who wants to do a jello shot with me.

In other Saturday Night Fever news…Kinda getting tired of going to Rittenhouse Square. I walk into Rouge….too tight n crowded in that small place. Pretty tough to not spill my 14 dollar martini after being bumped by some knucklehead. Seems like Rouge is all about women looking for $$. Men looking for MILFS or easy pick-ups. Then, I head over to Devon; kinda empty for 10p….but their food is VERY good.

If it’s too lame on the square, I stroll on up to the Continental at 18th and Chestnut. Avg age 29.  I then cruise a few blocks north to The Four Seasons. Every once in a while there is an interesting crowd at the small bar. (Vince Neil from Motley Crue, and Jimmy Johnson the sportscaster) The small band that plays there is usually very good. Nice little dance floor too, but no booty shaking.

So I ponder……I bet there is SOME CLUB or bar that wants to be THEE place for 30-40 somethings on a Saturday night. Who’s gonna step up an take that crown ?

Alas……Michael’s in Bensalem has great dancing and a big crowd, but too much SMOKING.  Benny the Bum’s in South Philly has avg. age of 45-50. Bit too old for me, but PERFECT for those in their 50’s. Pantano’s music is the best. DeAngelos on 20th and Spruce is hit or miss. Music needs a real overhaul. That place should be PACKED by 9p. I’ve been in there at 11p on a Sat, and it has 20 people. People pour in at midnite though.

I wonder….once I meet someone special, I will not likely hit the bar scene so much anymore. Maybe never again. I will then cancel my account too. That day will come. So…..who will then continue this blog? Who can I pass the torch to ? Could it be YOU ?

Maybe I should just stay home on Saturday night?  Maybe meet someone in church early Sunday morning ?   🙂

D’Angelos: Dancing in Center City, Rittenhouse


Remember the Black Banana? The classy restaurant at 3rd and Race that grew it’s dancefloor and eclectic crowds over time? Sadly with the BB no more, it was a very happy day for me when I discovered De’Angelos at 2o and Spruce…just a few blocks from Rittenhouse Square. It reminds me of the Banana; owners that really love their business and patrons….plus they make a mean Ravioli and gravy.

I usually top it off with a nice espresso while sitting in the comfy leather sofas overlooking the dance action. Great Food and a small, but very adequate dance floor. VERY good sound sytem, and a nice mix of disco and current dance hits.

Age range from 30-55. Free Admission. Saturday nights are the best, with the place jumping by 10pm.

Click Here for info and Directions 

Outside at D’Angelos.


Buck Hotel in Feasterville


On Thanksgiving Eve, I took a brief run to Center City. It was fairly quiet on Rittenhouse Square. Maybe 50 people in Rouge. Tables outside were filled due to the very nice, warm weather. But way too slow for me to hang and pay 14 bucks for a martini.

Good thing I was tipped off by someone about Thanksgiving eve at the Buck Hotel in Feasterville. I had no idea. Not sure how they advertise, but whatever they do to reach 30 plus adults….. stinks. The Buck seems to have no idea how to reach a 40-something guy like me. I don’t read the Daily News, and I don’t listen to WOGL Oldies Radio. But I am online constantly.

And even though I did a thorough online search for what to do that night…..I found NO 30 plus parties that were marketed via the Internet. But what I did find online was a story about the sad situation of a groom that died just before his wedding day… and the reception was to be held at the Buck. The owner is now under pressure to do the right thing, and give a big chunk of it back. He doesn’t want to. Full story here.

And God forbid that someone posts some current pictures so that I can get a feel for the place. Hellooooooo. The Internet is THE way to market now! Pictures, video, updates, email lists, etc……. NOT just a stale, out of date website.


So, off I went up 95. The Buck is about 25 minutes from CC.

Got to the Buck at about 11p. Had to park in the Genuardi’s lot down the street. (now that the former Buck parking lot is a strip mall)  Was a little surprised that there was a $10 dollar cover…but there was 2 bands; one in the Tavern, one in the main ballroom. Good crowd, but I was expecting it to be PACKED. Probably half filled.

As for the ages in attendance, that night had a mix of 30-to 50 somethings. I felt comfortable as a 40-ish guy. On the other hand, when I stop in on a Thursday with Jerry Blavat oldies, the age tends to be 50+.

Click here for directions to the Buck Hotel